Transmission / Teleport

Satellite Teleport and SNG Unit
Making the best use of Jordan’s geographical location between Asia, Africa and Europe, a number of earth stations for reception from Asian and European satellites and for transmission to Arabsat, Nilesat, Eutelsat (Hotbird),Asiasat and YahLive Satellite are installed on Jordan Media City’s premises. Also JMC is connected to GlobeCast fiber worldwide network.


Currently Jordan Media City transmits and retransmits 247 channels and retransmits 57 radio stations. 

*Jordan Media City is a Free Zone broadcast facility based in Jordan, it is specialized in DTH TV & Radio transmission turnaround or play Out services.

Accessing C-band ,FSS band & DBS band via ArabSat satellites, Nilesat satellites , Yahsat satellite ,Hot Bird & Asia Sat 1A.

A total of 25 Transponders are transmitted from JMC over the a above satellites all are DTH TV & Radio services, SD MPEG 2&4 and HD in MPEG4 as well (250 TV channels & 60 Radio Services ).

*Number of TX Antennas :
- Five 7.6m from Andrew Antennas (DBS Band ).
- Two 7.3 m from Vertex (DBS band).
- One 7.3 m From Vertex (Appendix 30 A band).
- One 9.3 m From Vertex (C-Band).
- One 6.1 m from Vertex (C-band).
- One 5.6 m From Andrew (KU-FSS Band).


  • All TX Antennas are Four Ports ,Motorized & Fully De iced.
  •  Number of TVROs = 41 with variety of sizes ranging from 1.8 m to 7.3m , all are De iced some of them are Fixed some are motorized manufactured by Andrew ,Patriot and Channel Master.
  •  DVB compresion and multiplexing system and technology.
  •  JMC is connected with International Fiber ring receiving & sending different services from-to different regions, in addition all Fiber & Internet local provider are connected with JMC (every provider has his Node inside JMC).
  •   Play Out Center capability of 80 TV channels fully automated system.
  •  Two studios (600 Square meter each) for Drama & other production ,in addition we have two small studios for Windows Or Interviews ,….
  •  Clients hosting Services, Offices, Technical areas & Antennas Spaces.
  • 100% Power availability (government source connected to UPSs and Generators ).
  • Free Taxes, Duties benefits as a private Free Zone media Area.



Our Latest News

Till now, 10 Algerian TV channels are transmitted from JMC on Nilesat: KBC Algeria, Echourouk, Echourouk News, Dzair News, Amana TV, Beut TV, Haddaf TV, TV Coran, TV Tamazight, Numidia News.

We have available space segment on Hotbird 13° East.


Channels Transmitting From JMC